One Month Post-Proctocolectomy

I think I've finally reached the point where I no longer see myself as "recovering from surgery". It's been a month. I'm finally off all pain meds and the only medicine I have to take is my multi-vitamin every day. How amazing is that? I don't think I look gaunt or pale or hunched over. The 10 pounds I lost from surgery have almost all come back on merely from resuming a normal diet...and maybe indulging just a little bit in the wonderful food every one seems to want to shove down my throat now. I'm also comfortably driving again. I don't have to do a little shimmy to get into my car and I can harshly sit down on my ass with all of my weight and not be in pain. And, lastly, my butt wound has closed up. Sorry people but this was significant because I had to pack my wound to absorb drainage because it didn't close on its own after surgery. I know this seems stupid but it's just one more thing I no longer have to worry about now.

In other news, I completely finished my graduate school applications for Temple and La Salle. In the beginning I was much more ambitious and not completely in reality. After thinking about it I realized these are the only two schools I want to attend and can afford. I didn't contact any of my references for recommendations until last week and the response I got was amazing. Sometimes I get a little bit frustrated that I don't have much work experience but after reading everyones email replies it was a little boost of confidence that I need right now. Not that I revealed everything I've been through these two years to my references, but it's nice to hear empathy.

Just a little update. More boring updates to come.

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