Shop 'til you drop

Yesterday I went to Old Navy with my mom and shopped. It was fabulous.

I had a $25 gift card from Christmas that I desperately wanted to spend. Although I was capable of browsing the store for as long as I wanted, I pretty much had everything I wanted to try on in my hands within 5 minutes. I ended up buying a cute floral print dress. I always buy nice clothes that I never end up wearing. In reality, I end up throwing on Jeans and a tshirt every day. I always thought this was just my style but now that I think about it, it probably does have a lot to do with being sick.

Anywho, the significance of this whole shopping excursion was that I enjoyed it. Before Christmas I could barely last ten minutes in a store. If I did purchase something I did so without trying it on (hence my gift card from returned merch) and I never really got to enjoy the concept of "retail therapy". It was nice to get out of my car, walk to the store, walk through the store, try on clothes, stand in line, and return to my car all without incident. Pre-surgery these tasks were almost always completed uncomfortably, or ending with me throwing something at my sister and telling her to stand in line while I waited in the car. Actually, if I think about it, that's pretty much what happened EVERYWHERE. My sister can attest to the fact that our routine anywhere we went usually ended in me walking back to the car and sitting by myself until everyone was done what they needed to do.

So finally. Even though I couldn't completely stand upright with the greatest posture, I survived my first shopping trip. I anticipate there will be plenty more to come and I will enjoy them all the same.

Tomorrow I get to spend the whole day with my nephew. I'll be singing him lots of songs, dancing like a maniac, and kissing his cute face. I'm not supposed to pick him up for two more weeks. But, I'll let you speculate as to wether or not I've broken that rule yet...


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