Boredom: The sign you're feeling better

So here I am. 10 o'clock at night. BORED!

Unfortunately I haven't been in the mood to read. Last year I would devour books but I just haven't felt like reading lately.

I'm still not one hundred percent mobile. I get short of breath if I walk too fast and feel fatigued after small tasks. When I wake up in the morning my body aches and my midline incision is still sore. Sometimes I pop a percoset or a half tablet.

I was told by my surgeon that I'm allowed to drive again when I feel like my incisions have healed to a point where they wouldn't impair my reaction time in a crucial road situation. I am not sure I am there yet. I will admit I cheated last week. Once. I wanted to go see my nephew and there was no one to drive me there so I got in my car and drove the 2 mile drive to my sisters. Oh, and before that, I had to clear snow off my car and de-ice it. Hey, there's little that will stand in the way of an aunt and her nephew! Really I shouldn't be driving until I am 100% because I drive stick, which means you can't just lazily sit in your seat. You really gotta be on point and mobile.

I've already blown through seasons one of Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother. I've even tried getting into other sitcoms available on ON DEMAND just to have something to watch. I'm BORED, people! Give me something to do. I feel like the more I lay in bed, the more it just becomes a cycle of me sleeping 12 hours. I don't NEED to sleep that long. There's just nothing else to do. Anyone need me to plan a birthday party? Wedding? Come up with a life plan?

So this is what life is like when I'm healthy, but not yet completely ready to take on the world. But I guess I just gotta be content with boredom. Beats feeling like shit, right?

Also, one of my best friends who lives in England sent me Cadbury Caramel Nibbles. I suggest you find them immediately. I don't know how available they are here but I will now be on a quest to find them.

For your viewing pleasure, because my sister says there's not enough Braden on here:

His one-sie that day had a Monkey on it and said, "I like hanging with my Aunt". Oh man, melts my heart every time!

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