The Man Who Was Saved By A Mouse

Years back I found an article online while researching Remicade and Crohn's.  The article was appropriately titled, The Man Who Was Saved By A Mouse, written by Robert Mason Lee, a journalist and Crohn's sufferer who was among the first to receive Remicade when it was still a new and unknown drug. 

I read this article and immediately printed it because I found it to be one of the most honest accounts of Crohn's Disease.  I passed the article off to friends and family.  I've probably read it 15 times since then, mostly in my darker times when I needed a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  

Lee describes the symptoms of this illness in a way I have never been able to convey to friends.  You see his progression from a person who will do anything to cope with the pain of Crohn's to someone who is finally able to truly live.  When he describes the changes he feels after his second Remicade infusion, you can really feel his joy.

Anyway, the article is quite lengthy at 6 pages of PDF but if you can get past the first page you'll enjoy it.  It's a great story and accurate depiction of chronic illness.  


annabelle blue is . . . said...

I got your comment on my blog. Thanks so much. It's so good to know I'm not alone. I love your blog, too. So honest and after living with you for a few months, I had no idea what kind of pain and suffering you were going through.

Anyway, you're such a strong person. I miss you.

Talk soon.

Anonymous said...

You are a great sister and an inspiration to me with my own battles of leaving the toilet seat up and peeing with the door open.