Ode to family and friends

"You're so annoying.  I like you better when you're sick." - My brother

Yes, my brother said that to me today.  My family seems to judge my healthiness by how sassy I am on any particular day.  I love busting balls and calling people out on their bull.  And when you are sitting around all day every day with a busy house that has people shuffling in and out, you develop a talent for pointing out the dumbest things just cause they entertain you.  I like getting a reaction out of people.  When I'm sick, that sassiness is no where to be found.  Today was an okay day, thus the sassiness was at a maximum.

I'll admit I don't really have much to update you on.  But perhaps the reason I have been a little bit livelier around the house is because the horrid infection I had in both eyes has healed.  After a diagnosis of Scleritis, an infection common amongst people with suppressed and generally wacky immune systems, I was treated with steriod eye drops that cleared those suckers up in no time.  Next time around I won't be so stubborn and I'll visit the Optimologist right away.

I also had terrible mouth sores that have cleared up.  When I get really bad mouth sores, the pain isn't localized.  My glands swell, my teeth hurt, my gums ache.  As if I needed one other thing to hinder me from eating.  Now that the sores are clearing up, I'm not in any pain when I eat.  Referring to my mouth of course, not my stomach.

I'm having the same problems but I find my appetite is much improved.  I still get full very easily and I've actually noticed an increase in my stomach pain.  I do feel like my energy is better, probably because my eating has improved.  I actually have the energy to leave my room now.  According to my doctor, it'll still be 5 more weeks before I feel better from the Humira injections.  I'll be injecting again next Thursday.

I also recently received the latest results of my blood work.  It is amazing how much your blood can tell you about your overall well being.  There are so many different factors that can be measured.  The results didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.  But I think they did make my doctor a little more comfortable with me not being in the hospital.  All of the typical markers of my body fighting illness were off, but not to the extent it's been in the past.  As I tell my mom, I've learned how to be sick.  I know what to do to keep my caloric intake up even when I don't want to eat.  I know what vitimins I'm deficient in and I do my best to take the necssary supplements.

On another more positive note, I'd just like to extend my gratitude for the outpouring of love and support I have received in this past month.  I'm truly lucky to have such wonderful friends both from Philly and Maryland.  And even though I fight with my family, they sacrifice a lot for me every day.   Sometimes I take that for granted.  


Anonymous said...

Sassiness...really??? haha

Ellen said...

Shush. You're one of the lucky ones.