Snow Days

I woke up today earlier than usual.  Around 12:30 I made my way downstairs and heard the truck.  Ahhh, the FedEx truck with my medicine, Humira.  Dancing around my living room ensued while my mom answered the door because 1. I looked a sleepy mess and 2. The guy probably would have thought I was crazy if I had answered the door grinning from ear to ear.

I've read the books, watched the dvds, and played around with my pretend pen syringe for weeks.  You better believe I tore that box open and got crackin.  I let the medicine warm up, but probably not enough because the first two injections to my thighs stung like hell, an indication that the liquid was most likely still too cold.  I took a little time out to let the syringe warm up and the next two which were injected into my stomach with less stinging.  

And just like that, it was over.  No trips to the hospital, no 4 hours of waiting, no IVs, no drowsiness from being put into a benadryl coma.  This medicine is without a doubt more convienient than Remicade and it makes me hopeful about the developments in medicine for the years to come.  I'm so effing happy everything got figured out with this treatment.  Now we just wait and see.  

When I first started Remicade in August of 2005, it took many many weeks before I even saw a difference.  I would say it wasn't until month 3 when I really, really thought to myself that this medicine was changing my life.  Humira works the same way in regards to the time frame they give you to start feeling well.  It's the little things in your quality of life you start to notice; being able to sleep through the night without waking up, walking into a mall and not being paranoid about having an "attack", being able to make plans with friends with the confidence that you will actually be able to follow through on them...

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I'll be telling you all about some of my adventures with friends, the consumption of delicious food, and binge drinking at the bars on Frankford Ave.

So I've got 15 days until my next two injections.  After that it's one injection every 2 weeks.  Let's hope things get better between now and then.


Nancy said...

That sounds great!! I'm sooooo happy that you finally got it :) I hope it continues to get better.

Miss you,

Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...


and those adventures better include a trip with Anne down to good ol' columbia.

emily : : : said...

excellent :)

Ellen said...

For sure. I've been wanting to come down forever and I know Anne does, too.

Thanks for the support. Love you guys.

Nancy said...

When everyone goes to B-more to visit Grace .. I want to come! For real, I'll hop on a flight to see you all :)

Anonymous said...

awww ellen! i'm so happy everything is working out for you! I meant to call you but lots is going on, i'll have to call you this week to let you know :-/
I miss you and hopefully we can get together asap.
<3 Jillian