Quick Update

Once again, a new turn of events.

Friday I was supposed to start Methotrexate and literally minutes before my sister was coming to inject me, I got a call telling me to hold off because there was a loophole discovered in my insurance that might make Humira possible.

So I waited all weekend and they called today telling me that if I get Humira through the mail, they can bill it directly towards my medicial health insurance rather than my prescription coverage.  I don't get it.  I don't understand how weeks of talking to health insurance people, nurses, and pharmacists over the phone and no one until now discovered this.  But whatever.  The people from the prescription company called today to set up delivery for Wednesday.  And magically, I am 100% covered.  So WEDNESDAY!  The day I have been waiting for.  Hopefully nothing else crazy between now and then happens.

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emily : : : said...

what great news :)
you're such a trooper, hang in there lady!