A little bit of this...A little bit of that

So here I am on Monday morning after an eventful weekend and several days prior. Everything has been going really well as my life continues to become very predictable (in an awesome way). I haven't felt one split second of pain in probably a month now. My only complaint has been my sleeping patterns which are erratic and often leave me moody or zombie-like as I proceed along in my day to day activities. As of right now my nephew is asleep in his swing after a morning of running errands with me. He loves to stay awake and observe everything that's going on but the second we get home he's out like a light. Not that I'm complaining.

I spent last week watching him and going out almost every night in some social capacity. Every week I grow more and more amazed at how effortless life is now. I almost feel like I've been transported back to my early twenties. I'm not sleeping enough, drinking a lot, eating all the wrong things, and yet my body is keeping up. When I wake up after a late night or a night of indulging in one two many adult beverages, I feel like a normal person feels; hungover but able to pinpoint what I need to do to feel better. Before, if I even indulged in anything too much, whether food or beverage, I was always paying for it the next day beyond any hangover or sleep depravation you could imagine. I guess I am enjoying this in between phase as an excuse to let loose a little bit before I get serious about my fitness again.

I have so much planned in the next couple of months that I am beyond excited about. Tomorrow I'm going to the Flyers game for my brothers birthday and next week I am going to New Orleans to visit my best friend. When I return I have a few concerts I plan on attending as well as beginning all of the hoopla for my other best friend's wedding. Whew. I have a feeling this time is going to fly by, but I am going to enjoy every (healthy) minute of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi there...just stumbled across your site whilst browsing..up in the middle of the night over here in the UK with rotten tummy pain...i'm having some awful bowel symptoms that started out of the blue 2 months ago and have catapulted my world into a living hell...tough with a job, husband and 4 year old girl to deal with...had a few tests and am awaiting a colonoscopy...feel like crap :(...anyway just felt the urge to say what a truly amazing, beautiful girl you are...i so admire you..i sincerely hope that although you have to endure this awful 'bag' that you can really begin to enjoy and live life to the full..what an inspiration you are!! Laurax

Ellen said...

Thank you for your kind words. I hope you find some relief soon. Hang in there. It's frustrating when you don't feel well. Hopefully the colonoscopy will give you some answers.