Going Home

Welp, I survived since my last post. I forget which night it was, maybe Tues or Wed but I had a minor setback when I started throwing up and having incredible stomach pain. At that point I had been eating small bites that day and drinking but there was no indication that things were moving along. It must have been the intensity of my night time vomit session because bam! Right after that my bowels got moving at the pain subsided. And man, there was a lot of movement.

Unfortunately that night put us back as far as advancing my diet so I went back to liquids only. It was very hard the next day because I hadn't slept the night I was throwing up and they also kept giving me anti-nausea medicine which makes me very very sleepy. So I couldn't get out of bed and pretty much slept all day.

The next couple of days we gradually added some foods back into my diet. It's been very hard to eat more than a bite or two of anything. It's hard to drink a lot of liquid too. I just feel so damn full. However, I think I reached a point today where I got past thinking that I'll never find a piece of food appetizing ever again. Woohoo! I'm not totally put off by food. I just need it in front of me at the right time.

So the plan is to leave the hospital tomorrow. I'm supposed to get my staples out as well as the drain in my abdomen. As a precaution we are going to leave one of my butt drains in, which I don't mind, because at this point I've come so far to worry about a drain for another week. I'll be back for a post-op check up in a week or a week and a half at which point the last drain will be removed and then I'll be freeee.

Okay. Very Tired.

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