Well, it's official. The name of this blog, theswollencolon.com, is no longer relevant to my health.

The surgery itself took almost 7 hours although it was supposed to be 3-5. No idea why it took so long, as I haven't personally spoken to my surgeon yet.

I spent allllll day yesterday in the post-op recovery area as there was no available bed for me. That was quite frustrating because the beds there aren't very comfortable and it's very noisy because you are essentially only separated from the rest of the post-op patients by a curtain. However, I had an absolutely amazing nurse who was totally on top of his shit so that certainly made up for the lack of my own room.

I got up to my room around 10:00 last night. Surprisingly I didn't really sleep much after surgery so I was looking forward to having some quiet time. Even though my room is private, which is so crucial, I was still interrupted by a doctor who was doing rounds at midnight (wtf) and the fact that I needed a blood transfusion. I ended up being awake because of the nurse setting up the transfusion, which requires an initial blood test, paperwork, and vitals. Unfortunately the transfusion was necessary as I lost more blood during surgery than they anticipated. However, from my experiences with blood transfusions, I always feel SO much better after getting blood. Right now I am half-way through bag number one. I still have one more to go.

I just had another random interruption; housekeeping emptying my trash...at 3 AM! It really is terrible how hard hospitals make it for patients to get some damn sleep.

Ok, this entry is all over the place, but I'm on some good pain medicine and still dealing with the effects of anesthesia, so that is to blame. Just wanted to let you know how everything went.

One last thing. I am now so grateful for the snow that pushed my surgery back a week because my mom has been absolutely amazing for me. I know my brother would be supportive but there are just certain things your mom can do or say that just make you feel better. I can't even describe in words how perfect my mom is at taking care of me.

That's all for now.

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