Thank God for Friends and Family

I still have been feeling fabulous. But feeling fabulous also makes you appreciate your friends and family that much more. You know, the sacrifices they have had to make and the level of understanding they have of your disease. Sometimes it's like they know my disease better than I know it. Well, almost.

I guess now that I've been getting out more I've come to realize that this isn't the easiest thing to explain to people. You never know who really cares when you meet someone new so you try to give them the "dumbed down" version, which really isn't sufficient at all, because it does not take into account how horrific and terrible the past year and a half have been. Yet, I do need to provide that version for some people, and for them, it's enough.

And then there are others who are genuinely concerned and want to learn more about Crohn's and how it has turned my life up-side down this past year. And for those people I do go into as much detail as I feel comfortable. I usually judge this on a person by person basis. And just like any conversation in life, you can become well aware within minutes if this person is someone you really think could benefit from hearing about your bowel problems. Yea, it's not for all.

And then there are my friends and family, who know it all and love me anyway. Who insist that I will find someone one day who will love me despite all of these things I have been through. I do have some amazing friends, whom I am only realizing now, are the most supportive and incredible people I could ever ask for to be by my side during a time like this. I have friends, well, one friend in particular, who has stuck by me INSANELY through all of this, even when I was so sick I didn't even want to speak to another human being let alone have my friend come and visit. And now I am flooded with emotions upon realizing how special it is that I have these relationships that I can be completely honest in. And not because I want to be honest, but because they have seen it all and stood by me and will call me out on my discrepancies.

I guess I'm pretty damn lucky.

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