Let the good times roll...

I think it's safe to say the Remicade is doing absolutely wonderful things. I just cannot even fathom why or how this drug works so well for me. I guess my body just needed that year and a half off of it because the differences are night and day. It's not even like I have to wonder if its working because things have completely changed, dramatically.

Honestly, I got my infusion on a Friday, and by Saturday I felt better. Insane, right? And then after that I feel like things only kept getting better and better. Right now I am satisfied with where I am at. I feel confident and comfortable carrying through with plans and I've certainly enjoyed my new-found freedom the past two weeks. Maybe a little bit too much. But hey, I deserve it!

I was really, really happy because I got to travel to Maryland on Thursday to see my best friend, Claire, in Frederick, MD. We took in a Frederick Keys game and then went out and had a wild time, as always. But I just cannot describe to you how good the freedom of health feels when I go out now. Sure, I still have to worry about my bag, but those problems are usually fixable and minor. And after visiting Claire I took a detour up north and strolled around the new museum at Gettysburg. Again, something I probably wouldn't have been comfortable doing two weeks ago...especially after the night we had.

Also, I've been eating fruits and vegetables again, which I basically removed from my diet before because they caused so many problems. I try not to go too crazy with them because it's still not perfect when I indulge in rubbish, but it's nice to have some variety back. I don't feel like my choices are simply carbs and meat all the time and that's a really nice thing to experience.

So now the next step you are wondering? I need to get this MRI done that I've been putting off for two weeks. I know it's going to show nothing but I want to have the results in time for my follow up in Maryland on the 23rd. I am hoping and praying that my doctor will be receptive to me inquiring about hooking these pipes back up. I know last time they hooked me back up they needed to do a colonoscopy to make sure things looked tame but perhaps there is something else they can do to make that judgment.

I just want to move on with my life. And even if they won't let me have the surgery sooner, I am still grateful that I am on Remicade and feeling this amazing.

What a difference a year makes, huh?


Anonymous said...

This is such great news, Ellen! I've been silently cheering you along since you decided to visit your old Doc and start back on the Remi, but have been strangely afraid jinx it by commenting too soon. But it sure looks like the real deal! Major props to you for not backing down and demanding the sort of health care you need and deserve. I really hope you keep your Philly Doc posted on your progress. We can only hope he is able to learn something from your experience. Welcome back to the land of the living! Best, Anne

Ellen said...

Thanks, Anne. It really is wonderful to have little restrictions. Great timing to enjoy this beautiful weather :)