Just because

Feeling better as far as my pain levels and my appetite has returned. Here's a couple pictures from my hospital stay.  Very flattering, I know.  I don't always look stunning in the gown.

The thing to the left in the above picture is called a PCA and was also my best friend.  Attached to it is a button I could press four times an hour to administer my morphine to myself.  It was some good stuff.  Although I didn't feel like I was getting enough, it definitely made things more comfortable for me.  By the time my pain was the most intense, I was literally staring at the clock counting down till the next time I could press.  

I love this pic :)  Me and my beautiful best friend and sister, Nora.
Her and my brother in law, Ryan, came and saw me a couple of times with beautiful flowers and iced tea once I was able to eat.  Now the first time I ever got morphine I was in the hospital in Maryland and the nurse gave me a specific warning that I was to be the ONLY person to press my PCA button.  For some reason I took this warning seriously to the disappointment of my visitors.  I mean, who wouldn't want to press a button that gives someone morphine?  So this time around I made sure to let both Ryan and Nora and everyone else for that matter press it.  People seem to enjoy the concept and when you are messed up on narcotics it becomes enjoyable for you, too.  Anyways, I love these two but especially my sister because she had to help me bathe and clean up some nasty shit when I could barely move.  I have no idea if this picture was staged because on this particular day I was out of it.  For some reason I complained the pain meds weren't working but they managed to knock me out for 13 hours at a time...hmm...Maybe I have a problem!  Anyway, did I mention how much I love my sister?  

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