It can't rain forever

A lot has happened in the past week which is partly why I haven't updated.  Do you remember the MRI I got about a month ago to see if I had an abcess?  Well, although I didn't have one at the time, I'd say a week later I started seeing symptoms of one and it wasn't pretty.

On Monday (the 4th) I called my doctor because my condition had deteriorated drastically in one week.  It started with unbearable pain in my behind.  I couldn't lay on my butt, sit, cough, or walk without pain.  I was developing an abcess and as each day went by the swelling and pain got worse accompanied by alarming fevers, indicating my body was fighting an infection somewhere.

Now forgive me for the rest of the details as I am on pain meds and still in quite a bit of discomfort.

So the day after I called my doctor he called back and told me I needed to be admitted to the hospital right away.  I knew this was going to be the case and quite frankly I wasn't comfortable being at home anymore with how dehydrated and sick I felt.  I settled in at the hospital on Tuesday night and by Wednesday the surgeon came by to confirm that I indeed had an abcess.  

Everything happened very fast after this.  I received a blood trasfusion right away in preparation for surgery because my blood counts were horrible.  I went in for surgery around 1:30 p.m. and everything went smoothly.  They drained a lot of fluid from my abcess and left three drains as well as this rubber band type thingy that will remain draining fluid for the next couple weeks.

The day after surgery they came by to remove three of the drains.  After giving me some extra morphine they pulled the drains out.  Ohh myyy goddd.  It hurt.  Imagine if someone was pulling a thorny rose stem out of a pinhole.  That's what it felt like.  After receiving so many narcotics in one day, I literally slept for 12 hours, unable to even open my eyes in the moments where I attempted to talk to my mom.

I won't lie.  The next couple of days were uncomfortable and painful.  Keep in mind I'm still dealing with my actual bowel problems and how frequently I go to the bathroom.  On top of that I have to keep my wound clean and change the dressings quite often.  I was very bloated from all the fluids they gave me so I needed to pee constantly.  It was difficult getting in and out of bed that often while in so much pain.  

I was discharged on Saturday even though my doctor is worried about the state of my nutrition. I have dropped a considerable amount of weight in the past month and find I have no appetite. I have lost so much muscle in my legs that they literally shake when I'm standing for more than a couple of minutes.

The next couple of weeks will be a challenge in trying to get up and around more often.  In two weeks I will get the band removed from my behind and they will replace it with something else that will allow fluid to drain so that this problem does not come back.  I'm hoping my appetite will return and I can get some strength back.

This is kind of random and all over the place but I just wanted to update everyone on what is going on.  Back to sleep for me.

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