First Day

I survived.

My first day back to work was a success.  After the anxiousness of the attention I would be getting from my reappearance subsided, I was back into my routine.  My bosses informed me right away they wanted me to take a half day today and tomorrow, which I am grateful for.  Some of my coworkers were quite astounded that I was even at work.  And I guess it is kind of incredible.  Who returns to work one month after being cut open and having their whole digestive system flipped upside-down?  I guess in a way I will never, ever overcome the urgency in my bones to GO the second my body feels normal.  I'll always feel the crunch of time no matter how incredible my life accomplishments are.  It's an issue I am always working on.

But, boy, I was glad I listened to them to take a half day.  After waking up super early, loading my body with more caffeine in one hour than its seen in one month, I worked 6 hours, came home and crashed.  HARD.  Sometimes you just HAVE to listen to your work moms when they tell you to take it easy.

The good news is my intubations are getting easier.  I'm learning which drinks help increase my flow which makes intubation effortless.  I still don't have much pain when it's time to intubate so I have to remind myself that I should only be at 4 hours right now otherwise I forget until I start hearing the gurgling in my stomach and fullness.  It's truly the weirdest feeling, but I am told I will get used to discerning which feelings mean I need to intubate.

Just a short update.  More to come. x

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