A Year

Anyone who knows me or has read what I have written on here the past year knows that 2011 was the happiest year of my life.

I discovered something important about myself this year that I wasn't confident enough to believe before.  I discovered that my happiness can inspire other people; that I have an incredible control over my life simply by choosing to embrace every day like the great, precious gift that it is.  It humbled me to see family and friends over the holidays who expressed how much they admired my strength and I am not sure I will ever get tired of the feeling I get when I hear such words.  And I certainly don't think they realize how much I draw on their sentiments when I'm not feeling so strong.  This year I also learned that the stakes are much higher in a life of happiness and healthiness.  I have the ability to invest myself completely in everything I do from relationships to school.  The consequence of climbing high is that the fall hurts a lot more.  But, it is a hurt I embrace.

This year I started a new job I absolutely love.  I met some amazing people and dated some not so amazing guys.  I had a major life changing surgery.  I listened to good music and went to concerts.  I watched my best friend get married.  I traveled and went on vacations.  I watched my nephew take his first step.  I started graduate school.  Most importantly, I was healthy.

I think the biggest revelation of this year was that I have people in my life who fill me with so much love and happiness it makes me want to be a better person simply because I feel like I owe them that in return. These relationships are the reason I am strong.

It feels good to reflect on a year and definitively say that I became a better, happier version of myself.  I don't know that every year from now on will be as action-filled because I am not sure that is even possible.  But, I do know that I have control over my happiness now and regardless of the bad experiences that may come, not only will I be able to overcome them but I will become better in the process.

Here's to another year of the same health and happiness.