The past month, in photos.

Life is continuing down the awesome path that I am creating for myself. I feel incredibly in control and I am enjoying this present stagnant period before I begin school in the fall. I have had a lot of excitement in the past month involving weddings and visits from friends I don't normally see often. I have met a lot of new people, drank a lot of new alcoholic beverages, and appreciated that my body is allowing me to do so. I am trying desperately to run a half-marathon on my birthday, August 7th, in Providence, RI. I really think it would be an amazing way to celebrate my 27th birthday and also the perfect statement about the new chapter in my life I will begin. Twenty-seven is going to be my year and I want to start it with a bang. Hopefully I can get my body there in time, but I will be okay if I have to hold off until September when there is a Philly half-marathon. So consider telling you all of this my way of making myself accountable for following through now that I have said it aloud.

Anyway, I don't have much else to say so I will share some pictures from the past month of my life.

Natalie and I at the Phillies/Nationals game on May 5th.

Me, Anne, and Grace

Me and cutest baby ever

Me and Matt

That's all for now.


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ahh I love all the pictures...especially the first one :)

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