In the past two years I have had major problems with sleep. This is a result of being sick, taking steroids, and having no structure to my every day life. When I was really sick I was pretty much just taking naps all day and night and I never actually got more than two hours of sleep in any given period. Now I've reached a point where I can sometimes get four uninterrupted hours of sleep. I usually wake up because of my Crohns issues and it's not always easy to get back to sleep when you are constantly in and out of the bathroom, in pain, or nauseated.

Anyway, lately I have been paying a lot of attention to my dreams because they are often vivid. I also have recurring themes in my dreams that I can't help but think are symbolic of what is happening in my life. Because I'm waking up so often and I'm never in a deep sleep, I can remember the details of each dream. I often find that I'll be in the middle of doing something during the day and my activities trigger a memory from something that happened in my dream the night before. I can't help but pay attention to these clues.

I have recently had variations of flying dreams. I can recall two recent dreams, in particular, where I was on a plane that was experiencing a malfunction of some sort. The plane was always in danger of crashing, but it was never a frantic experience you see on movies or imagine how it would really feel to be on a plane that you thought was possibly going to crash. The plane always lands but in unconventional places and with a lot of mechanical trouble. So I started googling various things and found this interpretation;

Here is one sound-bite:

"Plane crash dreams can also be seen as the Tower card in the tarot...The Tower card is typically thought of as extremely negative, and usually its appearance does indicate an intense, abrupt, completely life-altering experience. However, despite the pain which may accompany this change, the ultimate result is usually one of the person's life being completely cleared out which results in liberation from a stagnant life."

After reading this and many other interpretations on the web, I can't help but think that dreams have a direct correlation to what we are experiencing in life. I've never been one to read too much into these things because I feel like anyone could apply this to their life if they really wanted to. I've always viewed this in the same regard as horoscopes; the insight is so broad and vague that almost anything you are experiencing in life could be applied. However, with this dream recurring for me I really think there is some meaning to be extracted here.

It's just crazy to think that even when we are asleep, our minds are processing all of the stress from our every day life. The metaphors and symbols present in our dreams are very telling. I think we can often discover the meaning ourselves if we just think about what is happening in the dream and what the most thought consuming issues are in our life are at the moment. However, I also think by reading interpretations you are forced to consider that sometimes there are things in life bothering you more than you thought.

Just a little something to consider.

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