Random updates

So I haven't updated in a while. Here's the breakdown.

Been picking up a lot of odd jobs here and there. Babysitting, dogsitting, elderly-sitting. It's nice to have some cash for myself again and get out there. It really makes me stop and think about how I am treating my body. I have stretches of days where I'm eating wonderfully and having no problems and then randomly I'll have a day or two where I feel crappy. But all-in-all I've been doing great. Hence the fewer updates.

Had a minor scare the same day I posted last time about how great I was doing. Started having symptoms of an abscess. Yes, the same thing I had emergency surgery for last year. Swelling, mild fever, pain while walking, talking, sitting, anything involving the use of my butt muscles (you use them more than you think) Called the doctor. They weren't alarmed and didn't over-react (which makes me think I had surgery last year for nothing-another story) and prescribed me antibiotics and told me not to worry unless things got worse. Well, that night I decided to go to the Phillies game anyway and stand instead of sit, and lo-and-behold, while walking to the stadium my abscess must have burst on its own and started draining involuntarily. This made for an interesting scenario but it relieved the pain and swelling and I've had no problems since. Whew. If only the Phils had won that night.

A lot of other things are going on and I've come to a lot of conclusions about what my next step should be. I am taking a GRE prep course and hope to take the test in the fall. More on that later. Things are looking up.

I'll write more after my next Remicade infusion on the 3rd of September. I'll be seeing my doctor then and maybe have some more knowledge.

And by then I could be Aunt Ellen :)

Oh, and check out my good friend Graces' blog because it's not about Crohn's and it makes me smile.

Told you this was random.

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Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

hehe thanks! I'm so glad to hear that you have been feeling better recently.

Good Luck with the GRE, take a prep course is smart. I tried to study on my own and it was awful. ( I took the GMAT)

Anyway, miss you!