New Orleans and beyond

I highly recommend that you all stop what you are doing right now and plan a trip to New Orleans. I'm sure my best friend, Claire, will let you stay with her! In all seriousness, I had an absolutely fabulous time last week visiting her.

I really didn't feel well at all last weekend but I spent a couple of days in bed and drank lots of water and things seemed to resolve on their own. I've noticed I go through these bouts sometimes. They aren't flare ups but I suspect that somewhere I am blocked up a little bit. I can tell this based off of the difference in pain and the quickness in which the problem is resolved. It's usually just a couple of days where I really feel like garbage and can't do much. Anyway, I was obviously quite concerned because I wanted things to be okay once I left for my trip on Monday.

Everything went smoothly during my travels and I really didn't have many problems despite the fact that several adult beverages were consumed. The highlight of the trip was definitely St. Patrick's day and I really can't imagine how much more insane it is down there for Mardi Gras. The energy of everyone is very contagious and you can't help but fall in love with the culture. I really wish I was better at taking pictures but unfortunately I haven't been so great with that lately so I have nothing to show you.

I will admit I was a little nervous about the prospect of being chosen by TSA for additional screening. I've noticed that the TSA in Philadelphia is a lot more lax when it comes to things than the rest of the country. On my way back here, the TSA in New Orleans scanned my bag four times. Keep in mind that in Philly they didn't look twice at it. It seems quite ridiculous because if they notice something suspicious the first time they should just inspect in right then as to not draw even more attention to that person. So naturally they had to pull all the shit out of my carry on and put my business on blast in front of twenty people. Maybe I'm being dramatic but in the smaller airports things are a little closer and you are more likely to know what's going on around you. Anyway, that's my TSA rant. I really shouldn't complain. It could have been worse.

As far as my health, not much has changed. I see my doctor this week and I am honestly not sure if my symptoms have improved enough to continue Tysabri. I guess we will discuss that on Tuesday. In brighter news, I will be down to 15 MG of steroids tomorrow, which is the lowest I have been since I started them in November. However, I'm not sure if this is a sign of my improved health or merely the fact that I've gotten better at living far from one hundred percent.

We shall see...

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