Health Update #2

It was brought to my attention that I haven't updated this thing in a while.  This is because I have felt like absolute garbage the past two weeks and haven't really had a desire to use the computer let alone talk about me still being sick.

I had my MRI last Tuesday and a doctors appointment right after.  It was probably one of the worst days I've had health wise so being at the hospital for 5+ hours was torture.  I was dehydrated, lightheaded, and short of breath the whole time.  It was a rough day but I was glad I got everything done.

Not having the MRI results right away, I discussed treatment options with my doctor at the appointment.  He basically gave me three options.  Try another drug called Tysabri, add Methotrexate to my Humira treatment, or surgery.  I linked those if you are actually interested in reading about them because it's hard to explain how they work.

I wrote Tysabri off in my head right away because of the ridiculous "rules" that must be followed on the drug and incidence of a deadly brain infection with long term use.  Um, no thanks.  At least not right now.

So ultimately I decided to add a weekly injection of Methotrexate in addition to my Humira injection.  He has pretty much written off the possibility of Humira ever "working" but told me I can keep taking it, so I will.  He was also pushing for me to go on steroids again.  And while I am desperate for relief right now, I know steroids are not a long term solution.  I think back to the absolutely horrible side effects of steroids and how bad it messed with me mentally when it was time to come off them.  I don't think I could deal with it this time around.

A few days later the MRI results came in with good news that there was no abcess and therefore I would not need surgery.  Awesome.  But of course no good news comes without some bad.  The bad news was that I had a couple more fistula tracks (tracts?) then they originally thought.  But whatever, I'm already feeling what I'm feeling so that really didn't make a difference because it is not something they can treat.  Fistulas heal when your body heals.

So with the addition of a couple of antibiotics I've been still feeling like crap even after my first Methotrexate injection.  But my doctor says I won't feel relief for 8-10 weeks.  Aren't these waiting games just wonderful?

I'm wearing my marathon tshirt today that says "13.1 miles Crossing the finish line for a cure".  Ugh, if only it were that easy.

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