Today was the big day in which I received my Remicade infusion for possibly the last time. However, my hope is that my three year love affair with the mouse protein will not end.  I pray that the goodness will travel through my veins and tackle this flare up that has been plaguing me.  

Everything went smoothly.  I haven't been sleeping well lately so I've been a little more groggy and tired than usual this time.  Since I've been receiving double of what I normally get, it takes a lot longer to administer the infusion because of the increased risk of reaction.  Normally, after I take my pre-meds, which consist of tylenol and benadryl, the infusion itself takes 2 1/2 hours.  Today the whole process took about 4 1/2.  They have to infuse very slowly at first and keep an eye on my blood pressure, temperature, etc.

I'm trying to remain positive.  In the past, I never felt like I "needed" my next infusion.  Of course the 2 weeks before the treatment were always bogged down by heightened fatigue, but that was always manageable and welcome compared to the alternative.  The difference in my quality of life before and after was so minimal because my health was being maintained.  This time, I'm counting on the infusion to overcome much more.

I hope it works this time.  Sometimes I would notice the difference right away; other times it took weeks.  My next appointment with my GI is in a couple of weeks and if things have not improved then I think I am ready for the switch to Humira.  But I don't want to think about that now.

For now, my family and I are keeping our fingers crossed.  Either way, I need to get better.

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