Is it Monday yet?

Thanksgiving today.  Lots of drinking last night.


I was supposed to go to the Eagles game today and indulge in deep fried turkey and miller lites whilst tailgating all day.  I was supposed to go with my brother and bunch of people but I didn't make it down there.  I'm mad because I've been watching the news coverage of all those maniacs tailgating with their turkeys and it's hilarious.  I haven't talked to my brother yet but it looks like it was a great time down at the stadium today.

Ultimately I knew I wouldn't be able to go down as early as 2 with my brother and everyone else but I was hoping I could get a ride down at 5 and at least enjoy a slight buzz before going into the game.  After the festivities that happened last night and the delicious Thanksgiving dinner my mom made, it was pretty much determined that I'd be spending the day at home.

Sure, I could have passed on eating Thanksgiving dinner or opted not to stuff myself and indulge in both Apple AND Coconut Custard Pie, but I did.  And now I'm home, paying for it.  So that was my dilemma today.  Stay home and eat Thanksgiving Dinner or go to the Eagles game.  I chose the food.  I think it was worth it.  

Even if I had gone to the game, I've been feeling so shitty lately that I probably would not have enjoyed it.  I'm sure my brother would have had no problem leaving if I had needed to, but I'd rather avoid those situations when I feel it's a likelihood.

I get my Remicade on Monday.  I cannot wait.  I really picked the perfect week to quit my job because I feel like absolute shit.  I spent all day Tuesday in bed sleeping on and off.  I actually fell asleep for the night around 9 on Tuesday and didn't wake up til 11 am the next morning.  I've been sleeping on and off all day today.  Honestly if I didn't woken up by my stomach issues every 20 minutes I'd probably be able to sleep through the entire day.  

My good friend sent me a text to remind me of all the things to be thankful for today.  An Eagles victory, the Terps beating the Spartans, and the Philadelphia Phillies being World Champions.  (That didn't happen today but it counts).  And since my sister says she isn't referenced enough in my blog (which she probably read once) I'm thankful for my sister calming me down this week.  And my brother in law for buying me the most ridiculous flowers that I have been taking care of like they are my children.

Hey, I'm unemployed.  I have nothing else to do.

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