World F*cking Champions

So today was the Phillies parade on Broad Street to celebrate their World Championship title.  I was extremely angry because I had to work.  I work at a bar downtown so we opened at 9 am which meant not only was I missing the parade, but I had to fight my way onto the train at 7 am to beat all the people heading to the festivities.  Oh and I had to watch people get drunk all day and have what seemed like the most ridiculous day to be a Philadelphian.  To top it off, once again, I did not sleep well last night.  It's been MONTHS since I have been able to sleep through the night uninterrupted by some kind of stomach issue.

On the bright side, I made ridiculous money.  People were in a GREAT mood.  I'm thankful that at least if I had to work, I was downtown in the heart of the celebration.  Let me tell you, it was crazy for a while.  A lot of people actually opted to stay at our bar and watch the parade from TV even though it was happening RIGHT outside our doors.  I didn't quite understand that.  I was happy too because most of my friends who came to the parade stopped in to see me at some point.

But man, am I beat.  My coworkers kept asking me if I was okay throughout the entire shift.  Apparently I looked pale.  But people at work tell me that ALL the time.  I was actually legitimately concerned when my sister told me I looked pale today.  She's not one to alarm me unless she knows I need to be.

It's hard working such a crazy day like today.  I started working around 8 and went non stop until 6.  Not quite a double or anything.  But when I know I have to work that long, I don't eat.  And most of the time I'm too busy to hydrate myself.  I really have a problem with drinking enough water when I work.  When you are in an industry like I am and you are prone to dehydration anyway, it can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.  Sometimes I catch myself becoming lightheaded out of nowhere.

After realizing that I would NEVER get home on the train, my brother came down in the car because he was going out downtown and I drove home.  That took at LEAST an hour, if not more.  It was not a pretty ride home.  I was hurting, badly.  Extremely uncomfortable, stomach pain, and spasms.  But I made it.  And I have two days off to recover and hopefully....SLEEP!

By the way, Chase Utley=Best speech ever.

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